Civic Empowerment Program

This component deals with building the capacities of citizens especially youth in and out of schools to enhance their civic competencies. Through debates we build the capacities and provide young people with platforms to engage on issues that affect them and demand accountability from their leaders while building their leadership and tolerance for divergent opinions.

Economic Empowerment Program

Economic Empowerment Program (EEP) is one of CAF’s core components aimed at enabling citizens achieve economic power. Some of its key areas include; Skills development aimed at skilling women and youth with 21st Century demand driven market oriented skills for employability and improved livelihoods, Enterprise Development and Smart agribusiness development.

Conflict Resolution and Peace-building Program

Africa, Uganda, and the Rwenzori sub-region in particular, is plagued by conflicts brought on by differences in politics, religion and origins, among others. Found on the foothills of mount Rwenzori, the Rwenzori sub-region is a south-western Uganda borderland; a region unrivalled with immense opportunity due to her strategic positioning and natural endowment

Research and knowledge production

Creations Forum Afrika believes that programs, policies and interventions should always be informed by research. We help build this capacity to produce knowledge for consumption of citizens, policy makers and development actors.

Land rights and natural resources Justice

CAF supports Citizens efforts in their quest for natural resources justice and land rights including access to land by marginalized sections of the community especially women and children who due to entrenched patriarchal systems are always excluded from land ownership and access.