Muhindo Johncation

With over 10 years of community-driven social change work, Johncation Muhindo is a team leader and Founder of Creations Forum Afrika; a human rights, peacebuilding, good governance, and advocacy-focused organization working in the peripheral boarder-land southwestern Uganda’s Rwenzori sub-region. He is a recent fellow at the International Victors Leadership Program (IVLP) of the US Department of state and former visiting fellow at the Centre for Applied Human rights (CAHR), University of York UK.

Johncation has been active in the youth movement especially the youth Debates program that mobilizes and empowers young people by providing them with spaces in which to engage on local and global issues affecting their lives while at the same time building their leadership and civic competencies to participate in the democratic and civic life of their communities. Progressively this has seen a rise of a generation of young people who are civically