If you want to get a Master & PhD Scholarship. Then this is your post to look at. Around 400 Deakin University Scholarships in Australia for the academic year, 2023 are open. Deakin University offers Fully Funded Scholarships in Australia to Study free here. Make a Difference with Australian Scholarships. As Australia is One of the Finest countries for International Students. Around 400 scholarships and positions for Masters and PhD in Australia at Deakin University.

Here in this post, we will tell you to step by step procedure on how to apply for the Deakin University Scholarship. The University is Providing Scholarships in all academic Fields/Majors. A wide range of fields of study options is available for international students to undertake Master’s Degree programs and PhD. Degree Programs. Deakin University is the Public University in Melbourne, Australia Ranked in the top 1% of universities globally by the Academic.

Some Australian universities are also giving a chance to apply for the Scholarships in Australia for 2022 Without IELTS. The Duration of the Deakin University Australia Scholarship Master’s Degree will be for 2 Years whereas for the Doctoral degree the duration will be 4 Years. The Life-Changing Opportunity. The Full Detailed Information about the 2023 Deakin University Scholarship is given below.

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Details About Deakin University Scholarship 2023

  • Country: Australia
  • University: Deakin University
  • Scholarship Level: Master, PhD. Degree
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: Deadline Varies from Course to Course

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Why Deakin University?

  • Because it is offering 400 Master, PhD Fully Funded Scholarships.
  • It is one of Australia’s leading research communities.
  • Throughout your degree, you’ll receive guidance from some of the world’s leading researchers and benefit from access to world-class facilities.

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Available Academic Fields of Study at Deakin University

  • Deakin University Scholarship in Australia For International Students is offering Scholarships in Most Academic Majors/Faculties. The list of the fields is given below.
  • Faculty of Arts and Education
  • Faculty of Business and Law
  • Faculty of Health
  • Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment
  • Institute for Frontier Materials
  • Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation

Scholarship Categories

At Deakin. there are different types of scholarships for international students. All types of Deakin Australia Fully Funded Scholarships are given below.

  • Australian Government Scholarships
  • Deakin University Funded Scholarships
  • External Scholarships

Financial Coverage (Types of Scholarships at Deakin University)

  • The Deakin University Scholarship is a Fully Funded Scholarship for 2023 to Study in Australia. All the Expenses will be covered.
  • Stipend: An Annual Living Allowance of AUD$28,092 for up to 2 Years for a Research Masters degree, and up to 4 Years for a Research Doctorate Degree.
  • Full Tuition Fee for Masters up to 2 Years & For Doctoral Degree up to 4 Years.
  • Medical Funds (Paid sick leave).
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
  • Travel Allowance Airfare (Travel from their home country to/from Deakin University.)

Australian Government and University Funded Scholarships:

  • MS and PhD Scholarships at Deakin University:
  • Australian Government Scholarship
  • Endeavour Scholarships
  • HDR Scholarship
  • Deakin University Postgraduate Research Scholarship

Step by Step Process for Deakin University

Check your eligibility, find out how to apply for a scholarship, and discover our top tips for making a strong application.

The First Step

Before applying for candidature, all applicants (other than those applying to study in the Faculty of Business and Law) must contact a supervisor within the relevant faculty, school or institute to discuss research opportunities.

Business and law applicants are encouraged to email the faculty directly for all supervisor related enquiries.

Choosing a Supervisor

You’ll need to find a supervisor who you can work well with both professionally and personally, as you’ll be working with them for the duration of your degree.

Questions to Ask from Supervisor

To determine if a supervisor is right for you, you might like to ask:

  • what areas of research do they specialise in?
  • what areas of research have they previously worked in?
  • what areas of research do they have experience in supervising?
  • do they have time to supervise you?
  • what is their preferred working relationship, i.e. what level of guidance do they offer, mode and frequency of communications, expectations of setting milestones, and how quickly do they provide feedback?
  • what is the research culture of the workplace where the supervisor is located?
  • how many students are they currently supervising and have supervised to completion in the past?
  • what percentage of their students completed their degree?
  • how many of them completed in the normal candidature time limit?
  • how successful were those students in the examination (e.g. did they pass the first time or was a re-examination required)?
  • what were the employment outcomes of previous students?
  • what sort of publication track record did they have when they completed?

After getting Professor’s Approval

After getting a professor’s Approval, Follow this.

General Process for Admission and Scholarships in Australian universities:

  • You can apply for Masters/MS and PhD scholarships in Australia easily by following these steps.
  • Search the universities and professors in Australia of your relevant interest.
  • Read all professor’s profiles, research interests and projects. (You can also find the research interests of professors by finding on Google their published research papers on or on their own website).
  • Email them with your research CV and a good email (just like a cover letter) by showing how you fit in their lab/work.
  • How you can show that you fit in the professor’s lab, you can do it by reading the professor’s papers and giving references to his work in the cover letter.
  • But be brief in your cover letter and do not need to show that you belong to a poor family or you have dreamed of doing work in Australia etc
  • For the research CV, you just need to explain what you did in your bachelor/masters degree in the form of a paragraph. Relate your previous work plus your final year project with that professor’s research work and show him/her your interest in his work).
  • Remember one thing, first visit the faculty profile of the respective university for applying to PhD program.
  • Some universities do not encourage to contact supervisors directly; in that case, fill out their EOI (expression of interest form) and submit it online.
  • If the professor replies to you, then he/she will guide you to go through the whole process and apply for admission to university.
  • IELTS is required, so do it as soon as possible
  • After getting admissions, For scholarships, universities have their own scholarships and mostly professors guide you to apply for them or you can see university websites and how to apply for them.
  • So start following the above steps and start applying. The process of applying in Australia and South Korea is the same, except in Korea Professor has his own funding also while in Australia, Universities give you funding.

How to Apply for Deakin University Scholarship

  • To apply for the Master and PhD Scholarship at Deakin University. Visit Here
  • The application process is completely online.
  • Follow all the steps above.